Sunday, November 25, 2012

Action Research

Action research is a supported evidence centered process that solves problems and making decisions. The research collected helps the person in charge create a timeline, develop individual/instructional needs, understand school needs, involve the community, and develop questions/surveys/data to help improve the school environment. Action research is built around a particular problem within a school.  The information studied helps to make changes to questions generated from the action research study. Involving the teachers, teacher’s aids, parents, students, and other school staff helps provide a greater vision of changes that need to be made to specific programs within the school. Improving problems, formulating strategies to improve problems, implementing action plans, and improving situations at school are important to making an action research plan successful.  Action research also involves existing data, ethical understanding to the parents, and writing and implementing specific action plans. The objective of an action research plan is to continue improvement never-ended change.
          A successful action research must ask questions as to why the research needs to change the current situation brought forth. Good research characteristics should be meaningful, focused, challenging, and supportive. Schools have different methods of making changes at school. Depending upon the school grade level brings forth various situations that need attention; a principal needs to put the situations in order from greatest to least and begin working on the highest priority problem first. 

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