Sunday, June 9, 2013

Reflection for EDLD 5363 Assignments 1-5 and Web Conference

EDLD 5363 Assignments 1-5
Assignment 1:
Today I learned how to take a PowerPoint document and turn it into an actual video. I read a great deal of articles about using videos in the classroom. Students can easily change a document into a video. It actually takes a while for the video to upload if you have a slow connection.

If students are allowed to work on individual videos for class assignments, then ownership is being placed on the assignment. I have used Animoto for class presentation but was limited to clip art, sounds, narration, and other important areas in creating videos. Ownership is a big part of being a 21st Century Learner. I will take several of the video, collaboration, drawing, and writing tools provided for me on and share them site with fellow colleagues.

Assignment 2 and 3
Audacity and JING showed me how to create an audio tape and how to begin making a video or screenshot for the purpose of making a tutorial. 

Using Audacity was fun. When I first heard my voice I was shocked as to how I sounded. The option to cut out specific parts or a mistake was easy to master. Audacity is a easy program to understand and if you need help with the program a HELP button is available to use. 

Tutorials of specific software or databases can help others understand a program easier. I decided to use the program JING to develop a tutorial about specific ways to use JING. A screenshot or a video in the JING program provides simple steps to create an amazing tutorial.

Assignment 4 and 5 Combined
Group Project Team:
Phyllis Anizan                                  Kim Hannan                              Fanny Torres

Our group project can be viewed on You Tube at the following URL link:
I truly enjoyed learning about poetry and how to incorporate it into to my own classroom brought me new adventures and experiences with other technology sites available to make the classroom a 21st Century Classroom. Although the theme was about summertime, we all had similar thoughts about what summertime means to each one of us.

Web Conference Reflection:
In the past I was able to attend all the web conferences provided from my professors. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend any of the web conferences because my school district did not end until June 18th. I did listen to the recordings so I could keep up with what is expected for each assignment.

I listened to the recording on June 28, 2013. When I first started week 4 and 5 assignment, I was confused. I went to the archive for help and a peace of mind. Once the professor eased my nerves, I instantly started working on my end of the project. I did have to remind myself daily that I didn't owe anything during Week 4's assignment. I was able to watch some of the other students videos, blogs, and websites because they provided them during the chat session. I have no excuse to miss any chat the rest of this course.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Reflection on EDLD 5366

Technology can be used in the classroom in multiple ways. Creating my animation project showed me how simple it is to use in the classroom. Animation is a great teaching tool and I have started using it in the classroom. Every day I am amazed at what I learn about technology. For example, I did not realize that Google Docs could only save pictures under a .gif and not as a .mov.  I struggled with the assignment until I went to the Internet to find out how to save my animation project. I am the type of person that has to have a hands-on approach to learning, so I am a tactile learner. Once I started understanding how I learn, I began to grasp my learning style, “students learn in different ways and that information should be presented in a different way” (2008). I had to find out how I actually learn in order to become successful with my studies.

One of my assignments was to work with a group to create a website. I found this assignment to be difficult because there were too many chiefs and not enough Indians. I am glad that we were able to pick one part of the website that we created by ourselves. The C.R.A.P. method showed me how to make a poster, website, or flyer catch a viewer’s eyes and I also “double-checked my design work” (Rundle, 2006).

My final thought is about the Logo I created, “in order to find your passion, you need a lot of time to think” (Schawbel, 2006). I began to think about my outside and inside appurtenance and I cannot remember a day that I did not wear glasses, read a book, or loved a good mystery.

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