Sunday, February 17, 2013

Reflection on EDLD 5366

Technology can be used in the classroom in multiple ways. Creating my animation project showed me how simple it is to use in the classroom. Animation is a great teaching tool and I have started using it in the classroom. Every day I am amazed at what I learn about technology. For example, I did not realize that Google Docs could only save pictures under a .gif and not as a .mov.  I struggled with the assignment until I went to the Internet to find out how to save my animation project. I am the type of person that has to have a hands-on approach to learning, so I am a tactile learner. Once I started understanding how I learn, I began to grasp my learning style, “students learn in different ways and that information should be presented in a different way” (2008). I had to find out how I actually learn in order to become successful with my studies.

One of my assignments was to work with a group to create a website. I found this assignment to be difficult because there were too many chiefs and not enough Indians. I am glad that we were able to pick one part of the website that we created by ourselves. The C.R.A.P. method showed me how to make a poster, website, or flyer catch a viewer’s eyes and I also “double-checked my design work” (Rundle, 2006).

My final thought is about the Logo I created, “in order to find your passion, you need a lot of time to think” (Schawbel, 2006). I began to think about my outside and inside appurtenance and I cannot remember a day that I did not wear glasses, read a book, or loved a good mystery.

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