Sunday, June 9, 2013

Reflection for EDLD 5363 Assignments 1-5 and Web Conference

EDLD 5363 Assignments 1-5
Assignment 1:
Today I learned how to take a PowerPoint document and turn it into an actual video. I read a great deal of articles about using videos in the classroom. Students can easily change a document into a video. It actually takes a while for the video to upload if you have a slow connection.

If students are allowed to work on individual videos for class assignments, then ownership is being placed on the assignment. I have used Animoto for class presentation but was limited to clip art, sounds, narration, and other important areas in creating videos. Ownership is a big part of being a 21st Century Learner. I will take several of the video, collaboration, drawing, and writing tools provided for me on and share them site with fellow colleagues.

Assignment 2 and 3
Audacity and JING showed me how to create an audio tape and how to begin making a video or screenshot for the purpose of making a tutorial. 

Using Audacity was fun. When I first heard my voice I was shocked as to how I sounded. The option to cut out specific parts or a mistake was easy to master. Audacity is a easy program to understand and if you need help with the program a HELP button is available to use. 

Tutorials of specific software or databases can help others understand a program easier. I decided to use the program JING to develop a tutorial about specific ways to use JING. A screenshot or a video in the JING program provides simple steps to create an amazing tutorial.

Assignment 4 and 5 Combined
Group Project Team:
Phyllis Anizan                                  Kim Hannan                              Fanny Torres

Our group project can be viewed on You Tube at the following URL link:
I truly enjoyed learning about poetry and how to incorporate it into to my own classroom brought me new adventures and experiences with other technology sites available to make the classroom a 21st Century Classroom. Although the theme was about summertime, we all had similar thoughts about what summertime means to each one of us.

Web Conference Reflection:
In the past I was able to attend all the web conferences provided from my professors. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend any of the web conferences because my school district did not end until June 18th. I did listen to the recordings so I could keep up with what is expected for each assignment.

I listened to the recording on June 28, 2013. When I first started week 4 and 5 assignment, I was confused. I went to the archive for help and a peace of mind. Once the professor eased my nerves, I instantly started working on my end of the project. I did have to remind myself daily that I didn't owe anything during Week 4's assignment. I was able to watch some of the other students videos, blogs, and websites because they provided them during the chat session. I have no excuse to miss any chat the rest of this course.

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