Sunday, December 2, 2012

Real Life Action Research

I learned that data is a major part of learning about our students. When students come to our school, we (the staff) needs to make sure that we know about our new student. Find out what school the student went too and find out the scores from the school, locate the teacher and discuss what helped the student learn, and learn everything possible about the student. The same information also needs to be applied to current students in the school. 

Action Research Scholars:

Dr. Johnny Briseno, Principal, Rancho Isabella Elementary, Angleton ISD
Dr. Kirk Lewis, Superintendent, Pasadena ISD

Although both men are at two different districts, both discuss how important it is to look at the data available before making any decision about a school district, individual school, and individual student. We should never make a decision unless we have the facts to back it up.

If you are reading this blog please visit and check out Dr. Kirk Lewis' involvement in the school. 

Dr. Briseno was originally at Angleton ISD but has since move to Alvin High School. You can visit his website at After doing research on Dr. Briseno I found out that he won the 2011 Dr. Ted Sizer Dissertation Competition.

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